Monday, November 12, 2012

Bruce Banner

Our 2013 calving season has started.  And that's no bull.  Actually, that is a bull. :)

I can hear the collective groan at my attempt at bull humor.  Sorry for that as well as the poor photo quality and the demon cow eyes.  It was dark outside and I only had the awful barn lighting.  An iphone can only do so much and a red eye reducer works no wonders with starry eyed cattle.

This little baby boy was born last Thursday.  I've decided to call him Bruce. As in Bruce Banner. As in the dude who turns into the Hulk.  As in I've been watching way too many super hero movies with Arren.  But this little booger is a chunky monkey!

We bought his Momma last Feburary with a bull calf already at her side.  Infact, here he is right here causing all kind of michief.

Momma's last calf was born in December which means Bruce came a month early.  So our 2013 calf crop has started 2 months early.  Not a bad way to start out a year that hasn't even began yet! 

My dad and I are in a heated arguement over who Bruce's daddy is.  I think it's Mo's offspring.  We bought Momma at a mid January sale and the dates coincide with a Momo baby.  My dad thinks the calf is too high quality to be Mo's...  Oh ye of little Momo faith.

Monday, November 5, 2012


The porch is finished, finito, done! This may be the first project my dad has actually followed through with 100% since moving into the Green Acre's homestead 23 years ago.  He's just a little proud... and he should be.  He took my parent's falling apart front porch and converted it to a now insulated, somewhat warm despite the onset of cold weather, country-chic room.

He started with a little insulation action in the newly built outside walls.

Then some tongue and groove boards started to go up.

This part took a little longer than expected.  My dad had to use some precision saw skills so that the new boards were flush with the old wall.

After the far wall was complete, it was onto the long side wall which went much faster.  Then he trimmed around the windows.  After all the boards were up, the porch was warm and a much happier place with some pretty wooden walls.

My dad didn't stop there.  The new walls received a coat of country white to match the already painted inside walls.  Then, when everything was dry, it was time to move back in!  Much to his dismay, my dad realized that their old freezer was now a half inch too long to fit back onto the porch.  So, in true Mark Nacke style, he went out and bought a brand new, smaller deep freeze to take its place.  After all, a new porch deserves a new freezer.

So without further ado, I give you my parents new front porch, furniture, deep freezer, and all.

And just for the heck of it, here is a comparison shot of before and after.

So whatcha think?  Pretty awesome right?  Anyone else doing some last minute outside home projects before winter finally sets in?