All in the Family

It's only proper that intros are made. 

I should make the point that in the following pictures we are all gussied up and looking fine for a wedding... usually we are more of a dishelved mess :)

Of course there is my dad, cow connoisseur and the friendly face of Nacke Farms.
And then my mom, the voice of reason and who for the most part, puts up with my Dad's crazy plans.

Me, their one and only child...  and the best they could ask for ;)
My fiance Arren.  He and my dad pretend to argue about everything, but they really love each other!

And then there is the part of the family that resides outside.

Mr. Bandit and Miss Elsie.

Bandit has been with us for a while now.  I really can't remember when we brought him home.  He came from a litter of pups someone had abandoned.  My best guess is he is around 10.  He's a good big old puppy, hates the summer but loves the snow.

We got Elsie from the Tuscola Humane's Society as a puppy.  She's a total nut case.  She enjoys her puppy pool and anything that is dead and/or stinks.

The rest of the residents of Nacke Farms are all cows, calves, and one bull named MoMo.

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