Thursday, February 28, 2013


Hello.  It's been a while... don't worry I'm back with a post with enough cuteness it's bound to make up for my lack-o-postin.

We had a new baby last Saturday.  We were at the Beef Expo (yes, there is an expo for beef cattle) so we had a family friend check a cow we thought could calve any day.  He called with the good news that we were now the proud parents of a bouncing baby bull. 

This is one of the few Mommas who doesn't actually have a name.  Just a number... well a former number.  She use to be number 7.  So I call her 7.  Not to be confused with the number 30 she actually has on her ear tag.  I can never remember that 7 is now 30.

So 7 had this little baby.  And everyone is doing quite well after "the incident".

The second day Momma 7 was penned up, she discovered she could stick her head through our temporary gates to get to the calves feed.  My dad saw this going on and gave her a swift kick in the butt which, sent her into a conniption.

She managed to tear down our temporary gates with her head still in them, soon dislodged her head, but then lodged her whole body in a little hole we have this set-up for the calves to come in and out of their small pin.  Until the other day, no cow had ever attempted to squeeze through said hole.

It was a struggle, but she made it.. somehow.  My dad said he thought he was going to have to get the saw and cut her loose (a fun task no doubt) but then she wiggled freed and only lost a few patches of hair.

With the calf still inside the pin, my dad took his time resetting the gates and soon the cow was politely mooing to be let back in with her calf.  So my dad opened the gate and in she came.

A friend called naming rights at the Beef Expo and so this little dude's name is fittingly Expo.

We've got one more cow left to calve and that should be the last one for another month or two.  Big Momma (the cow) is getting close so expect another baby post soon!

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