Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Missing Fingers

A few weekend ago Arren and I were at my parents house.  It was nice outside and I was mowing while Arren rode the four wheeler around.  Green Acres is right down the rode from a dredge ditch.  It's like a creek but not as cool. 

So there I was mowing along and Arren stops the four wheeler right in front of me.  I mouthed "what" and he motioned me over.  "There's something I want to show you"... "What?"... "A turtle"... "Oh!".  I hopped on the back of the four wheeler and we were off.

By the time we got to the turtle's temporary home he had burrowed and lodged himself in the water and mud on the other side of the ditch.  Arren wanted mud boots to try to catch him.  I wanted nothing to do with this turtle because it was a snapper with an appetite for fingers.

We rode back to the house.  Arren put on some boots.  My dad gave him a tarp strap. "The turtle can bite this and you can get his tale".  The strap was only about 5 inches long...  I proceeded to tell Arren that I wasn't about to marry a man with 9 fingers. 

Much to my dismay we rode back out to Mr. Turtle... in my mind it was soon to be a blood bath.  Arren went into the water.  I threw him a stick.  He worked the turtle out of the mud.  Stuck his hand in the water and pulled out this dude.  Turtle wasn't happy.  I snapped a few pics.  Arren put him back in the water.  The turtle went AWOL and attacked...

Just kidding!

He swam away.

Don't try this at home kids!

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