Monday, April 8, 2013

Moldy Oldies

We are past the stage of round bales here at Green Nacke Acres.  We've moved onto the ole square bales.  Our cows get 6 bales a night.  We are working our way through some very moldy last cutting hay to get to the decent hay stacked on back.  I have worries and trepidations when I'm breathing in the dust from those moldy bales but then again... the cows have to eat that stuff so what can it hurt!

We open each bale and toss it down into the hay feeders below.  And by the time we feed the next night, the cows have hungrily consumed all 6 bales.

The babies get fed downstairs in there own little get away spot.  They can come in a lay down in fresh straw and munch on some yum-yums!

(Holly & Isis)

These two aren't old enough to really start eating yet.  They will grab a few mouth fulls and pretend to eat.  But Bruce is old (and big) enough, to make up for the little ones.  He comes in and chows down on some grain and sweet feed.  Big guy loves his sweet feed!


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