Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's a Bird!, It's a Plane!... Oh, Nope it's a Bird

A sad event has taken place at Nacke Farms.  First, I should explain that we have several different pastures for our cows and one has a big plastic water tank sitting near the fence.  Dad made the gruesome discovery the other day of birds floating, dead in that very tank.

OK so I guess if a bird mass suicide is not your cup of tea then turn back now... you have been warned!

That fateful day my dad removed 20 dead bloated nasty birds from that water tank.  As he retold the story my mind immediately raced towards the worse thought possible.  This was the work of a birdy-cult and our plastic water tank was their Kool aide... too much?

Actually, what happened was this... 

As the birds were flying along they spotted a nice clean cool place to take a little birdy bath.  Once in the water, and feeling mighty fresh and clean, they discovered to their unimaginable horror that the sides of the plastic tank were slick.  Alas there was no escaping the water tank that soon became their death trap.  So, that's where the 20 dead birds floating in the water tank came from.  (I still think a birdy-cult mass suicide seems to be a better explanation.)  My brave dad had to fish them all out... ick.

This leads to another painfully gross story.  The one where Elsie finds every single dead bird and proceeds to drag them up to the front yard.  So now you not only have to watch for dead bird land mines throughout the yard as you plug your nose when the wind wafts the lovely decaying scent of bird into the air, you also have to dodge her tongue as she lunges toward your face to give you lots of doggie kisses.


  1. Why didn't you guys bury the birds?

    1. I suppose we could have and for sanitation reasons probably should have... But when you live on a 10 acre farm (right off a busy highway), little dead animals show up quite a bit so I guess we are just used to it!