Thursday, May 31, 2012

Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution

The past week my dad has been working on a new patio for the back of the house.  Up until 2 years ago there was incredibly uneven rinky-dink brick patio.  That was until my dad had to dig up and redo their sewer.  That was one stinky job!

There is a running joke in my family about the "stair incident" from way back when my dad built that brick patio.  I was little, probably 3 or 4, and my mom had just gotten out of school for summer vacation.  My dad decided to move the concrete steps that led out of the back door but didn't tell my mom...  Uh Oh, you can probably see where this one is going.  My mom came flying out of the back door, fell, and tore  the front of both of her shins down the back of the steps (my Dad had only moved the stairs out about a foot).  OUCH!  All I remember is lots of blood and lots of cursing!

So now that my dad is finally redoing the patio, he has wised up.  He draped some yellow caution tape across the back door to make sure this time around no one ends up at the doctor getting stitches.

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