Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

As mentioned in the previous post, last week my dad had diligently been working on a back patio that was desperately needed.  Sadly I didn't get any before shots.. but just imagine the 1st set of pics without the forms and that pretty much sums it up! 

It's rather large, and has a 1.5 inch slope away from the house.  My dad even got all professional and used my Uncle's surveyor station and tripod to make sure everything was perfectly leveled and sloped. 

Here's some pics of the during the process.

 Those white pipes are sewer clean outs and my dad cut them off with the saw so they would be level with the concrete and then put flush mount lids on them so they could still be accessed when a sticky stinky situation arose.

Dad didn't get any pictures of the concrete pouring, but I got home in time to snap up some quick photos of my uncle using the power trowel and my dad brooming.

After the concrete had set he leveled up the dirt and went around it with a tiller.  My parents will obviously need lot of grass seed!

 Now my parents (as well as Elsie and Bandit) have an awesome back patio to sit, grill out on, and enjoy all summer long!

The next step is to put up a privacy fence on the west side to keep out the wind and snow.  As well as to start on the front porch that badly needs new windows and siding as you can tell from the pics above.  Oh, and power wash the green ickyness growing on the siding... the projects never end!


  1. Hi, Nat! Love the blog. Your family sounds a lot like mine! (I followed your blog link from a comment on YoungHouseLove.com.) I'm curious about these sewer clean-outs, as I'm trying to find my sewer access (with no luck). Are they now UNDER the concrete? I don't notice them in the final picture. Where are they?

    1. Hi Rosie! I'm relatively new to blogging so thanks for the feedback!

      As for the clean-outs, we poured concrete around the pipes and then cut them off level when the concrete dried. We put flush mouth caps on the pips so we can access them if we need to. I'll try to get a picture so you can get a better idea.

      The actual septic tank is about 5 feet away and not under concrete.

      I'll check with my dad tonight to see if he has any ideas on locating your sewer access. He usually has an answer for everything!