Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Elsie's Door

Elsie went rogue a few days ago...

That door is my parent's front porch door and yes it was already falling apart, but now thanks to Elsie the bottom third has a gaping hole. She just loves her self made doggie door because she can get on and off the front porch per her free will.  And of course in her little doggie head, this makes her even more special than she already was. 

I'm secretly hoping that middle window slides down while she's sticking her head out.  Not to hurt her, but to give her a little guillotine style slap on the noggin she needs for tearing apart my parent's front door.

Now my dad must get on that front porch project ASAP or I have a feeling this "special" pooch is going to play an unwanted game of hide and seek, mud boot edition.

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