Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day

Happy late Father's Day to all you awesome Dads out there! 

I spent most of Father's Day doing what all good daughters should do, getting in some quality time with Dad.  We got him a gift card to Home Depot which is sure to come in handy as the front porch project/replacing Elsie's door are sure to start sometime soon. 

After an in depth discussion we quickly realized the front porch project is going to be quite an undertaking.  Two summers ago, after a crazy storm came through and blew the glass out of a door, my dad replaced the short side of the porch with new studs and a window.  His master plant is to do the same to the long side of the porch, putting in 4 new windows and obviously a door.  The porch is also going to require a new floor and the inside walls need repainted.  And then, once the whole porch is rebuilt, it gets sided.  So a quicker fixer upper is quickly turning into a large multi-week project.

But back to what we accomplished Sunday!  Our patio has been upgraded.  Well, on one side at least.  The main goal of the new fence is to block the horrible country wind and snow in the winter.

My uncle happened to have enough fence paneling which was lucky considering how ridiculously expensive the 2 plastic posts and some extra toppers were that my dad bought.  Each plastic post slid over a 4x4 which was placed into the ground and held in place by some sakrete mix and dirt.  The paneling was screwed together to each post with brackets.

 The fence looks pretty nice, goes well with the white(ish) siding, and adds some shade in the evenings.  It took a lot longer than my dad expected it to, but honestly what doesn't.  He actually started on it 2 weekends ago right after he finished the patio.  I helped him finish the fence on Father's Day.

The day ended the best way possible, with some good ole Nacke steaks on the grill and some great food my mom had been slaving away at in the hot house.

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