Monday, June 25, 2012

Porch Lipo

Before my dad starts on the front porch project I thought I'd give you all a tour of the mess.

Here it is in all it's countryfied glory.  My parents resided the house several years ago, but the porch needed a face lift before it was sided.  Now over 8 years later it's finally getting major reconstructive surgery (rhinoplasty/tummy tuck/lipo/boob job... wait do porches have boobs?).

My dad redid the short side of it 2 summers ago when a super strong and scary thunderstorm came through and blew the glass out of the door that was originally there.  It required tearing the whole side of the porch off and putting in new studs and a fancy new window.

Now the same must be done to the rest of the porch.  But there is also so much more to do. 

First of all everything must come off.  Yes, that means you deep freezer with lots of Nacke grown beef in it.

Then it's a power wash to remove that old icky peeling paint.  And a new coat of lovely country white gets slapped up in it's place.

Moving on, it's floor demo time.  Something tells me this part might take the longest.  The whole floor is slowly decaying from wear and tear and needs to be replaced.  The indubitable trickster will be shimming around the built in cabinet.

Once all of those are checked off the list, the front of porch can finally start to be replaced.  New studs, new windows and a new door.  Right now the game plan is to install 4 new windows, 3 to the right of the door and 1 to the left.  The new door will be a little wider, more center to the steps, and Elsie proof.  And just when you think we are about to wrap up this project, it's on to siding the sucker.

Well there ya go folks.  The run down of the no doubt never ending dreaded front porch project.  Stay tuned for more updates from you local blogger!

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