Thursday, June 21, 2012

Goodbye, City Life

Due to a request from my mom, I've decided to tell the story of how Green Acres came to be. 

After my mom and dad were married, they moved Main Street, Petty Coat Junction and lived there until I was around the age of 1.  It was then that an old man who lived across from my grandparents passed away and his house and land went up for sale.  My dad, who never was for big city living, decided that this was the perfect time to buy up the old house and some land and move it on out to the country. 

All of my mom's friends and coworkers warned her against moving.  "The house is old and run down." "It's going to be a ton of work." "Just think of the smell."  But my mom, young and in love, told them all that she had spent her highschool years growing up in a farm house and this wouldn't be nearly as bad as they all claimed.

It was goodbye city life, hello fresh air! 

My mom quickly transitioned into our own Eva Gabor as she realized farm living wasn't quite her cup of tea.  But she hunkered down and stuck it out and now (as much as she may complain about the old house and the livestock and the flies)  I know she absolutely loves it!

Several days after moving in, a fellow teacher brought over a housewarming gift in the form of a sign that read Green Acres.  And as I mentioned in a previous post, that sign now hangs in our machine shed proudly welcoming all to Green Nacke Acres!

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