Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Love and Marriage

In case you haven't heard the news, In about 13 month's I will have a new last name!

I thought I'd stray away from Nacke Farms and blog about the whole planning deal-io.  No worries for all you die hard Green Acres fans out there, this will be one of the few posts I actually do this for.

Right after Arren proposed last November everyone was all "so your getting married this summer right?".  And we were all "holy cow that's a short time to plan and come up with the cash money for this shindig".  So we defied the norm and decided to wait a whole nother summer to tie the knot.

The official date has been set for July 27, 2013.

After learning the date, everyone then asks what my colors and theme are going to be and to that I say ummm well I've been thinking blue.  Then sadly it trails off into not much more than that.  But I have to say after about 7 months of continuous Pinterest and The Knot searches I'm leaning towards navy.  And after seeing this pic of navy with some coral flowers mixed in I'm almost definitely sold.

I'm most certainly leaning toward gray suits no matter how dorky my mom may think they look.  Not being one to dis include the future groom, I asked Arren how he felt about gray instead of black.  I got an "ooo!" so I'll take that as a nod of approval.  Not only are gray suits making somewhat of a wedding sweep lately, I belive they will be much cooler than hot old black in the summer sun.  Plus it fits in nicely with the little less formal, countryish, garden party theme I'm trying to stick to.

I would post some wedding dress inspiration pics for myself, but I know Arren will read this and I don't want to clue him in on anything. ;)  My mom and I are actually going dress shopping next week and I hope these ladies are patient becuase (much like everything else in this wedding) I really have no clue what I want.

The ceremony is being held at the Arboretum on University of Illinois campus.  It's gorgeous and flower filled.  Yes that means it'll be outside.  I'm a glass is half full type of gal so I've convinced myself that it will not rain (shakes fists at sky).

The reception, or should I say par-tay, will be held at the Ihotel.  They have been really great to work with so far.  The U of I caters all of the hotel's events and also provides the table floral arrangements.  That means less stuff for me to have to plan, book, and just generally worry about! 

We just met with and booked our photographer, Kara Kamienski.  She seems like she'll be awesome to work with and we can't wait for our egagement session!  You can check out her website here

I've also spoken with the DJ who I'm pretty sure gave me crazy eyes over the phone for booking over a year ahead of time, but he comes highly recomended.

There are still a lot of things left to do and thousands of little things that I'm sure will be the death of me but it'll so be worth it!

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