Friday, June 8, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow

So the other evening I went on a photo spree, with my trusty iPhone in hand, snapping up pics of the various plants and vegetables around Nacke farms.

Naturally I started where all plant photo montages should start, in the garden...

Yes, those are all tomato plants.  My mom is the only person in our family that really enjoys tomatoes, but for some unknown reason every year my dad plants a bagillion of them. (He likes to brag about his tomato plants.) This year we have 12.  So in other words if you're feeling like a tomato sometime in August, stop by Nacke Farms... we'll have plenty!

By the way, all proceeds go to the "Buy Nat a New Pair of Shoes" fund... but more on that in a later post ;)

One lone tomato plant in all its splendor!

 And here are the only other vegetables in our garden... 4 mighty bell pepper plants.

Although my mom may claim she has a black thumb, these pretty petunias say otherwise!

Onto my newly mulched flower garden which, is still lacking in flowers, but I'm slowly getting there.

Here are pine trees my dad has been taking care of for a couple of years now.  They take so long and so much nurturing to grow big and strong!

And finally, after much anticipation from your end I'm sure, I offer the crem della crem of Nacke Farms.  My dad's pride and joy (drrrrrum role please)....


My dad planted hollyhock seeds in this very spot about 5 years ago and to his dismay no plant grew. That was until last year we noticed a new plant that was definitely not a weed... it was a hollyhock! It even flowered but not nearly as splendorous as it has this year. 

Last year when we did the crazy messy job that was repainting this picket fence, our hollyhock had tons of seeds. So my dad had the great idea of planting those seeds along the new  and shiny white fence.

His hard work paid off...

Lots of little hollyhocks! While they won't bloom this year, they should be out in full force next year.

And finally, you can not take tons of photos of plants with out Elsie wanting some camera time as well... I swear she poses for the camera!

So what do you think of Nacke Farm's wide array of plants?  Do you have an awesome vege garden or a flower bed that makes the neighbors envious?  Or even a dog who gets jealous when the plants hog all of your photographic attention?

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