Thursday, September 5, 2013


Here at Green Acres we are taking it up a technological notch.

If you would please place your cursor over the lovely picture below.

Yup, that's right folks you can now pin my posts and pictures to your Pinterest boards! 

I'm a huge fan of Pinterest.  I've used it for countless wedding ideas and lots of future home ideas.  After searching online for about an hour I finally found a way to make my pictures pin-able!  Just hover over them, click the giant red "P" and automatically be taken to your Pinterest page where you can save the picture along with the link to the blog post... You know so you can save your favorite posts and pics all in one place!

And for those of you wondering how I managed this magic, I refer you to this link.  It pretty much walks you through it step by step.  Do not be afraid of the html talk, I know nothing about this and was able to do it to it!  If this country bumpkin can figure it out you can too!

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