Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Time Apart

Um Hi...

All I've got to say is sorry for neglecting you blog.  But we seriously needed a break.  You were getting so demanding and needy, I just couldn't take it anymore.  Some time apart really made me appreciate you so much more anyway...

But now I'm back!  With more blogging ideas than eva.

It's been 2.5 months since my last post.  And somehow I've still gotten a trickle of page views a day.  What are you people reading?!  Perhaps you're reliving this year's baby calves, or are you coming back in hopes of a return post like this one.

Well today is the day... You trickle people must be jumping for joy!  Or at least sitting there twiddling their fingers trying to act as enthused as possible.

Biggest thing that happened was this little marriage ceremony and all of a sudden... Whoop, I'm a wife!

So for the next few weeks some of you will have to bare with me as I discuss and relive my wedding deets (deets is short for details... at least it is in my mind... don't question my abbreviation methods... I'm married now... I can abbreviate how I see fit).

I'll be sure to throw in a few farm posts between the wedding madness.  We've been bailing lots of hay.  The other day I went up in the loft to throw down some cow gold and about fell back down the ladder when I saw how much was stacked up there... it's a bit ridiculous. 

I've got some other big news but it'll have to wait.  I know the suspense is probably killing you all...

Stay tuned for wedding deets, farm posts and the big reveal... I promise it's pretty amazing!

And just because I can't end a post without one single picture... here are some babies!

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