Monday, December 31, 2012


We've had a new baby!  Her name is Holly (thanks Ann!) and she's about a week old in these pictures.

She came about 3 weeks early and was a surprise to both my dad and I.

She's strong, and fast and proved these facts to be true the day after she was born.  Crazy 8 (her Momma) gave birth out in the cold, snowy pasture, so my dad set out to move 8 and Holly up to the warmer and dryer barn.  I'd never seen a day old calf move so fast!  She was doing laps around my dad as he spun in circles trying to corral her into the barn.  Update: She's still fast as ever.  This explains my lack of close ups.

We usually try to pin Momma's with their little calves in the barn for the first 3 or 4 days of the their life.  But we learned a few years ago Crazy 8 doesn't take to kindly to being pinned up.  The longer she's pinned, the crazier she gets (thus the name).  And since little Holly was doing so well, we left Momma and calf unpinned.

Today, I found Miss Holly hanging with Bruce.  He's now a month and a half old and also camera shy.

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