Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

In case you hadn't ventured outside (or if you're a hibernating bear), the beginning of the week brought a deep cold snap all across the Northern Midwest.  Green Acres was no exception.  With temperatures not rising above 20 degrees, the ground froze hard and that meant water tanks were too.

We usually combat this frozen water with tank heaters.  These nifty little things are suppose to thaw the ice in our water tanks so the cows can have 24-7 access to fresh water.  Key words in that last sentence would be "suppose to".

Nothing at Green Acres is brand new especially our random supply of tank heaters.  After being plugged in, many, to much of our disdain, just sit there soon frozen in a 6 inch thick ice cube.

Tuesday was brutal.  It was the first time in about 2 years we had to dig out the ax to break holes in the ice so that cows could get to the water below.

Then the cows venture over and take a sip of the no doubt frigid water.  Poor dears can't have hot chocolate with the little marshmallows.. I'd bet they'd love some though.

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