Friday, January 18, 2013

Thank Moo!

In the winter, every weekend, we at Green Acres head out to the barns to spread straw.  It's cold and wet and the cows need a warm dry place to lay.

It starts with me heading up to the hay loft and my dad staying down stairs to spread.  A year or so ago my dad came up with this.

Yup you probably guessed it... it's a hole in our hay loft floor just big enough for straw bales.

As you can see the cows were in some dire need for straw.  They somehow make all the straw disappear in a matter of days. They are needy cows.  Luckily they have us to take good care of them.. And take care of them we did!

I'd take these bales, throw them down the hole in the floor, and my dad would carry and spread them all around the barn.

It's not that easy though.  You see, these straw bales were made by the devil.  They are horribly sticky and they've ruined countless pairs of gloves and socks.  Seriously, once those little prickly needles get into your clothes they never come out.  Then there is the breakage issue.  Because the straw is so fine, the strings often do not hold the bales together.  So you've got 1 broken bale for every 4 you throw down.  It's just a mess.  A mean little prickly mess.

But we always prevail over the straw.  And then the cows look at us lovingly and say thank moo.  :)

Well they say thanks after they're done eating....

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