Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We've had another calf.  Another surprise.  We were out feeding the cows and my dad just happened to look in between the feeders and see a new calf standing, looking at us with big questioning eyes.

Then we went... Uh.. who's calf is that?  And who was even close enough to have a calf?  We searched the barn.  No cows were looking guilty.  None looked like they had given birth in the past day.  No cow was searching frantically for her calf.  This was proving to be tricky.

So we took the little baby heifer around the barn and all of a sudden a concerned moo surfaced from the front.  It was number 4 and she had just realized her baby was now being pushed around by us.

So we sorted them out and put them into their own stall.

Poor little baby hadn't nursed in a while and was starving.  So much so that she seemed to have forgotten how to nurse.  We worked with her for about 45 minutes and finally she seemed to remember what to do.  Most calves are born naturally knowing what to do to find food.  This poor little girl went into panic mode and seemed to mistake every mud clod hanging off her mom as a source of milk.

It's been two days and she's doing much better.  Due to the very cold temperatures we are having to kick off this week we decided to keep momma and calf pinned up.  But they don't seem to mind having a dry warm place to eat and lay down.

In case your wondering, her name is Isis due to the cold temperatures her arrival ushered in (thanks Ann!).  If any of you awesome readers have any name suggestions for future calves feel free to comment!

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