Monday, May 13, 2013

Fixing Fence

We headed out to the summer pasture this weekend to walk and fix fence so that we could move half our heard across town to grassy goodness.

It went very well.  The whole time we only used 2 new insulators and 2 new posts.  My dad was hoping to mow around the fence, but it was way too wet for a mower.  We had to wear our mud boots.

I accidentally snapped the photo above, but it showcases the mud boot-y-ness of the situation.  This picture actually happened right after we found this "little guy".

It's a snapping turtle kind of spring.  We I came up upon this dude in the grass I quickly turned back ans whispered to my dad "snapping turtle".  In my mind it makes total sense that a snapping turtle would attack a loud being moving towards it.

But back to fixing fence.  I love the pasture we get to use in the summer.  Thanks to a family friend our cows get some good eats and he gets a manicured pasture.  It has a creek running through it and lots of trees around the creek.  Which, gives way to beautiful scenes like this..

And this...

Here is where the front of the pasture ends.  For the past 4 years we've kept the cows in the front pasture.  But my dad is bound and determined this summer to get them into the back pasture as well.  This will be a huge undertaking... it's an overgrown mess.

The back fence has to pass over the creek.  It makes for an interesting summer if there is a lot of rain and water.

And here is the front of the pasture... so pretty!

Tune in next time as we moooove the cows... :)

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