Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Blog

A year ago today I started this blog...

Fast forward 82 posts and just over 4000 page views and you'll wind up today, right here, reading this.

I can't image this blog having this many page views in just a year.  That pretty much equals out to almost 12 page views a day or 48 views per post.  Who are you people?!  I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure your amazing... or easily entertained... either way I like it!

I started this with the intention of no one wanting to read about our dinky little farm and more as a way to look back and remember the past.  It's really been great to get feed back from all of you.  I've started to look for more ways to take pictures of what we are doing around the farm.  Winter is always a slow time, but you awesome readers have stuck with me.

Let's hope this next year is just as great and just as exciting.  Look for lots of wedding detailed posts after July.  I'd love to post about all those small details now, but I don't want to give away anything for the big day!

Arren and I are also still looking for that house.  Hopefully someday I can post about that.  But until then, be prepared for lots of summer posts from the farm!

And finally I guess I'd like to say thanks for taking the time out of your busy days to stop by and read.  It gives me warm fuzzies every time I log on and see one more person has stopped by to read today's post.

Here's to the next year!

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