Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Pasture

So we've fixed the fence and now we move the cows.

We did this over the weekend.  There is a lack of pictures in the post because... well because I was working and had no time to snap pics.  Right before we went out to corral the cattle my dad lost his phone in the mud (we found it) and then he insisted we put our phones in the truck.  No phone = no pictures.  I'll give you the low down though.

So it was muddy.  Like really muddy.  Like so muddy that we had to set up a temporary pin.  This pin was key as we wouldn't have to back the trailer into said mud, get stuck, and then drag and fling mud into the yard.

Our first goal was to separate our cows with out calves and the bull.  They would be the first load.  My dad worked them out of the heard while I ran the gait.  We got them in the barn, deloused them, and moved them into the temporary pin.  This first group didn't want to get on the trailer.  It took a good 5 minutes of pushing and shoving to get cooperation and they finally all loaded.

One trek across town later and 3 cows and 1 bull had successfully been moved.

Then it was back to load the rest.  We worked 4 cows with their calves into the trailer and delivered them.  Our cows were happy, running around in the tall grass.  They'd arrived at their summer home!

We left 6 cows at home.  3 of them were the ones who had just calved in April and the other 3 were to calve soon or later this summer.  We've split our cows into these two groups.  1 group goes to the summer pasture with the bull.  Then in late June or early July we head out load up the bull and calves (if we can catch them) and bring them home.

Hopefully sometime soon I can sneak out to the pasture and snap some pics.  I'll be sure to share if I do!

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