Monday, May 27, 2013

Girls, Girls, Girls

2 more baby girls.  I'm starting to feel like a broken record!  This has been the year of the heifer.  8 of the 10 babies, in fact, have been heifers.

I stopped by after work one evening to find this little girl curled up by Momma in the front pasture.

Her front legs are pretty wobbly.  She's 2 weeks old now and getting around fine, but the left front leg still likes to give out on her.  She was more than likely in a bad position inside the cow.  Her Momma's a little thing and I can't image there is much room for a big baby like her!

Then this week we had this pretty little baby.  Her Momma is roan so we weren't too surprised when her calf was roan too.  I've decided that she looks like a Wilma.

The day she was born my dad called to notify me.  Then, while we were on the phone, I heard lots of barking and my dad say "oh she's out... how did that happen".  I later got the full story..

Somehow little Wilma had gotten out and made her way to the gate.  She was frantically trying to get to her Momma while Elsie was barking her mad little doggie head off.  My dad walked up, yelled at Elsie to knock it off, and then tried to open the gate and get the baby in, while at the same time keeping Momma from getting out.  It was then that little Wilma charged him, hit him square in the knees and then took off running into the pasture towards her Momma... Cheeky little thing!

Only one more cow left to calve for this year.  Odds are it will have to be a bull.. right?

In the mean time, the other calves are starting to really take off and grow.  Here are a few pics of the April babies.

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