Monday, October 22, 2012

Becoming Elsie Again

Our pups is walking!  Well more like hobbling, but she's getting better everyday.

It all started last Saturday.  My parents said she stood up and took two big jumps before she fell over again.  Then Sunday she was up and making it 10 or more steps before having to take a break.  She has progressed since then and now can make it from the house to the barn and back again.  She's standing up to eat and loving every minute of being able to freely go where she wants with out us toting along behind her.

Yesterday she even took off after a little bunny that raced across our yard.  She's becoming Elsie again and it's great!

My parents took her to the vet last Thursday and the whole staff couldn't believe how well she was getting around.  They were so impressed with her strives to get better, we didn't even have to make another check up appointment.  She still is on pills for nerve damage, pain, and an antibiotic.  The vet also suggested we try weekly shots of vitamin B12 to help correct any nerve damage.

She still can not move her tail or poop on her own.  Which is a little unnerving to me.  I'm hoping there isn't paralysis in the very back part of her hips.  But her gains in the past week have been huge and she is continuing to get better and stronger everyday.

She also has lost quite a bit of weight.  My parents have been feeding her roasts day and night for the last 6 weeks and the pups has ate their freezer dry!  But again, her ability to move around should bring her appetite back.  She is probably the only dog I know who could eat 5 pounds of meat a day and loose weight.

Elsie has made new friends of the feline form.  She doesn't mind them much as long as they don't get too close to her food or bones.  Then she'll take off after them in a wild, flailing, growling rush.  Just another way she is becoming Elsie again.

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