Wednesday, October 3, 2012


As I sit here fighting off a throat infection and watching it drizzle out of my living room window I can't help but think fall is finally here.

After a long, dry, hot, dry, project filled, did I mention dry summer, I'm feeling nostalgic.  And nostalgic does as nostalgic will.  So this, my fair reading friends is a recap of the busy summer Green Acres has had.

It all started with introductions to our family.  Dad, Mom, fiance, dogs and cows.  We are a family and this was our summer story.

 I jumped right in with some birthing stories.  Calf birthing stories that is.  We had our summer calves, all healthy, alive, and kicking.  Well except for Wobbles.  He had that sun scorched set back, but is now lively as the rest.

Then there was the new patio project my dad had been planning for the past 3 or 4 years.  It's still looking great as ever and has gotten quit a bit of summer time use.

I took us on a plant tour around Green Acres and showed my dad's pride and joy... Hollyhocks.  Then later in the summer I showed the aftermath of vegetable garden neglect.  Despite the lack of rain, the tomatoes thrived.

However, our pastures and hay fields did not.  We started hauling hay and water in early July.

To combat the ever dwindling hay supplies, we were able to bale the corn stalks behind my parents homestead.  They are now the stinking, dirty things our cows seem to oddly eat up like ice cream.

 I discussed how Green Acres came to be and how my mom begrudgingly moved out to the country despite her friend's warnings.

Then mid summer my dad started our front porch project.  Which was a huge, huge undertaking.  It all started when Elsie finally finished off the door and ended with a whole brand stinking new appendage to my parent's country home.  Update: Dad has begun working on the final stage of Operation Porch.  Look for more posts to come.

I blogged about my past favorite show calves and then started to blog about my 2 new projects, Mia and the now renamed, Miss Maria.

And then just recently our poor pup Elsie was hit in our own drive way.  Look for an update to her serious situation soon.

It's hard to believe fall is here and we are starting a new season.  No doubt it will fly by and Christmas will be here before we know it.  I've already started scheming about presents.

Here is to all you Green Acre readers, thanks for checking in on our stories.  And here is to the next 3 seasons and many more after that!

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