Saturday, October 6, 2012


This is an Elsie update.

It's been a month since our pups was hit in our own drive way.  And it's been a long, hard month.

Elsie can home a drugged up pups who couldn't even sit up.  She was out of it and miserable and we didn't think she could do this.  We didn't think she would be able to get better.

But Elsie started to make strides, she started sitting up, eating more, and walking on her front legs.  The vet's office gave us a sling to use to help her walk.  We put the sling under her belly and hold up her back legs and then she takes off, 90 miles an hour, venturing all around the yard.

At first, her back legs hung limp in the sling, but now they are showing some gain.  She'll pump them back and forth, acting like she wants to walk.  I know she wants to walk to so badly.

When Elsie started sitting up, she started scooting everywhere and anywhere.  A bad sore developed on her side and it only got worse.  The vet gave us some spray.  Bandages would be futile.  She would either tear them off or scoot them off.  So every day, twice a day, when we get her up, we spray her sore and let the magic spray do it's work.

The vet also suggested that we make a cart.  They had a smaller template that my dad used to make our own larger, Elsie version.

Here it is in all it's cart glory.  We mis-measured though, and sadly it's too short for Elsie to move around in.  Her front legs are perfect, but her back legs drag on the ground.  We got her up in the cart the other night.

She took it fairly well for being strapped into some weird contraption.  She would even move around the patio when trying to get closer to our new kitties.  The cart is still too short for her back legs not to drag, but she can stand there with no help from us.  This is a huge improvement.  She hasn't stood for a month on her own, and with just a little support from the cart, she's standing.

Elsie has two more weeks until she goes back to the vet.  It's then that we decide if she will continue to improve, or never be able to walk again.  It's really hard to tell at this point if our therapy is working.  But living life laying down and only being able to stand with the help of a cart is no life for a puppy.

My parents made it clear that the vet gave us 3 weeks and we've got 2 left. So we will continue to work with Elsie and hopefully she will continue to get better.  Just in the past 4 weeks, Elsie has made huge strides to getting better, so with a little hope, we can and will get her better again.

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