Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Big Red Barn

Hello Darlin', it's been a long time!

Way too long.  I've been dying to post just have been incredibly short on time. 

Sadly, I also have not been able to visit Green Acres nearly as often as I would like to.  I've been zero to no help on projects or with the animals.  I know, I'm slacking!

That being said I do have quite a bit of new posts to type up for all you great and patient readers.  Including an exciting update on Elsie, new porch walls, a much needed cow update, thoughts on our engagement photo session, and just some awesome fall things in general.

But onto what this post is really all about.  Our barn now has a shiny red exterior thanks to my Uncle Jim and lots of family friends.  This however is no thanks to me.  I didn't lift a finger in this project.  In fact I didn't even get to see any of the painting taking place.  Remember when I said I'd been busy.  Well apparently this is true.  And this is why there are no action photos of our big red barn being painted.

The worst part of painting the barn wasn't the painting at all, it was preparing to paint.  Power washing the dirty scummy old barn took a while and finally ended on a 50 degree rainy day.  My dad and a family friend (crazily) stood out in the drizzle, their breath visible in the cool fall air, spraying down the last side of the barn.  They were within 10 minutes of finally finishing the whole thing when the main hose blew.  Water was shooting up in the air and the power washer would unfortunately not complete its task that day.

My dad quickly replaced the hose and finished the last small section the next day.  Then, it was onto painting!

We bought a paint sprayer two years ago when we undertook the project that was painting our picket fence white.  It's a huge help and with 20 gallons of primer and 20 gallons of red paint our barn went from wood to wow!

The prime went on first.  Then that same day, my dad and his helpers busted out 2 red sides of the barn.

The next weekend, before anyone could blink, the barn was painted and looking snazzy.

Stay tuned for lots of new updates and post from Green Acres!

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