Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Engagement Pics

We recently had our engagement photo session.  It went great.  Cold, but great!  Of course the morning we picked just happened to be one of the coldest mornings so far this year.  You would think early October could give us a break, but fall struck back at our optimism with a 45 degree wake up call. Arren and I toughed it out like champs though!

I was a little afraid of how the session would go.  Arren and I are by no means professional models (however much I say Arren should take up a career in modeling) and are novice posers.  We usually resort to the arm wrap around the back and smile.  Not to knock the pose, but as far as versatility goes, we were lacking.  Our photographer Kara Kamenski was great in this aspect.  She was full of suggestions and helpful hints on making our pictures awesome.

We started at Allerton Park on that chilly Sunday morning.  We were dodging the U of I cross country team, but the lighting was great!  We went up into the tall tower and took some awesome shots.  Kara knew the place and where we should go for the best pictures.

We then went to a meadow area just outside of Allerton.  It was pretty and sun struck and allowed us to get some pretty nature shots.

Finally we ended up at the Monticello train museum.  It apparently has a stellar reenactment of the Polar Express and Kara made sure we knew to take our future children!   By the time we got to the tracks it was unfortunately blustery, cloudy, and seemed if possible even colder.  We tried a variety of shots but my hair was not cooperating with the crazy wind.  Luckily our great photographer was able to get some more great shots.

Thanks to the ever helpful site Pinterest I got the idea of making our wedding date with wooden numbers hang from twine.  I got the numbers from Michaels and then spray painted them navy blue (our main wedding color).  Then I took some twine and used a staple gun to fasten them.  It turned out pretty good!

As far as our outfits, Arren and I went shopping a few weeks ahead of time and picked them out together.  We are not fancy or dressy people by any standards.  Our wedding will be the first time I've ever seen Arren in a tie or jacket.  That's reflected in our clothing choices for our pictures.  Jeans and a nice shirt was our theme.  We tried to pick complementary colors.  In our first set we both had shades of red and then in the second a shade of gray.  

So there you have it.  A run down of our engagement pic session.  And now I'd like to throw in a little plug for our awesome photographer Kara Kamienski!  I can't express how warm she was and how relaxed she made us feel.  She let us make some choices but also directed us which, as I stated was a huge help.  If some one asked me if I knew a great choice for a photographer I'd 100% recommend Kara!

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