Thursday, September 6, 2012

Can't Keep A Good Dog Down

Something terrible happened today.

Elsie was hit by a truck.  :(

It happened in our driveway this afternoon.  My mom saw it all happen and rushed outside.  Elsie's back end had taken the brunt of the force and she couldn't put any weight on her back legs.  My mom could tell she was in pain.

My dad came home from work immediately.  Elsie had made it to the middle of the yard under the shade tree.  She wouldn't let my dad pick her up, so he decided to let her rest until after lunch, then he would head to the vet office if she wasn't doing any better.

After a trip to the vets office, one of the awesome vet techs came out with a doggie stretcher.  My parents said the tech was great and calm and the stretcher served it purpose of not having to jostle Elsie around too much.

My mom stayed with Elsie at the vet's office while they gave her some pain meds and then took some x-rays.  It turns out she was really lucky and only suffered a small crack in her pelvis.  They gave her a morphine patch to control more of the pain and decided to keep her over night to make sure she was going to be okay.

I'm glad we have such an excellent vet office and staff in town and I'm very very glad Elsie is going to be fine.  The vet said she would probably be up running and jumping in a few days.

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