Monday, September 3, 2012

Porch Prime Time

My dad's been super busy this weekend getting his paint on!  I've helped a bit in the afternoons, but he's done the brunt of the work.

To remind you, this is what the inside of the porch look liked when we first started.

Then we did "a bit" of work and the porch looked like this.

To prep for painting my dad had to move every thing off the porch.  Then he scraped (by hand) the walls, cabinet, and door ways.  I know what you're thinking, this man is crazy for scraping the whole thing by hand.  He didn't want to use the power washer because the windows are old and looked a little too breakable for the power of the washer.

Once every last area was scraped, it was onto priming.  When I first got there I snapped some quick pics of everything my dad had accomplished.

Everything is being painted.  This includes the walls, ceiling, and floor.  So while my dad took a much needed water beer break, I went to work on the ceiling.  While I finished it up, my dad taped up the windows and worked on priming around them and the doors.

Then it started raining outside and Elsie looked like a pitiful little wet pup, so I took a quick pic.  Right after she did this weird growl-bark thing which I think was a doggie cuss word directed at dry ole me.

Between my dad and I we got the ceiling, walls and about half of the floor primed.  Here is what it was looking like when I left that evening.  My dad's plan was to finish priming the floor and the corner cabinet the next morning but he ran out of prime after doing the floor.  So no prime for the cabinet.


Stay tuned to see the whole porch painted and looking spiffy as all get out!

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