Friday, September 21, 2012

Hay, Hay, Save Your Hay

Remember when I said that this would be my one and only post for the week?

Well I lied!

I found some extra time to write a little tid-bit about baling hay.

I'm the official tractor driver.  And this is my view.

Pretty and green.  This is our small field by the cemetery.  The hay is pretty much the goldest of cow treasure.  Green and smelling awesome!  In fact, later that night when we pulled up next to the pasture I was sure that the cows were going to mob us... gangsta cow style.

Here is another view for ya.

The baler doing its thang.  Spitting out cow gold so my dad can stack it on the rack wagon.  Then my dad notices me taking pictures while driving the tractor (I'm a multi-tasker!) and this happens.

We ended up with the rack not quite full.  So, we toted it on over to our hay field behind my parent's house.  We got in three more rounds and the rack was stuffed with hay, plus it was getting dark, so we called it quits.  

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