Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Physical Therapy Pups

Elsie finally came home from the Vet yesterday.  The poor little pup has had a very rough (or should I say ruff) few days.  It all started with this post.

After the first few days, the Vet prepared us for the worst.  She thought Elsie may have serve nerve damage or even paralysis because she was making no attempt to move her back legs or get up.  Of course they had her very heavily medicated for the pain and inflammation. 

My parents, I, and even Arren went to check on her several times over the weekend.  It's a really a harrowing sight to see your puppy laying in the kennel not able to jump up and greet you like she always did before.  Of course the pain meds were really knocking her out, but she always seemed so happy to see a familiar face. 

Then Sunday she finally started kicking and moving her back legs.  Which was a huge relief to us.  She's still in way too much pain and too weak to get up, but movement is a huge gain.

The whole staff in at our local vet clinic was awesome.  They always let us see Elsie whenever we would stop by and they kept her as comfortable and calm as possible.  The day we brought her home, one of the staff members showed us some physical therapy that she suggested we try to bring Elsie's hips and legs back to normal.

So that's my new project.  A little canine physical therapy.  Just like a person, the longer Elsie is off of her back legs, the weaker and more stiff they grow.  So every evening after work, our awesome pooch will be getting a massage to increase blood flow followed by some stretching and bending.  The worst part, right now, is the fact that Elsie has to wear a muzzle while all of this therapy, or any moving, is done.  She's still very sore, and unsure of it all.

Tonight my dad and I worked some therapy magic up.  She really seems to enjoy it.  The vet's office also gave us a sling to put under her belly and to get her up on her paws.  It also puts pressure on her bladder and makes her pee which in turn freaks her out.  I suppose I'd freak out though too if someone was pressing on my bladder and making me pee.

We later moved her from her makeshift kennel my dad made in the back yard to the concrete patio.  She really seemed to appreciate being moved to the patio.  The concrete had been in the shade and was cool to the touch.  The patio has always been the evening nap spot for Elsie and Bandit and it helped her relax.  When I left, she finally seemed to find some peace and was sawing logs.

I'm sure Elsie is very scared and it breaks my heart to see her little puppy face bugged out on pain meds and her ears cocked back, never relaxing.  But we are hoping now that she is home, with her buddy Bandit, she will continue to make strides to be the bouncing pup she once was.

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