Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Don't Stop Be-loggin'

Sorry I've been lacking in the post department lately.  I've been way busy with work, my class, wedding planning and farm things.

Sadly, this will more than likely be my only post for this week as well.  I'm taking a little blog sabbatical for a week or so.  But I promise as soon as I get a free second I'll type up a new post.

So to sum up the past week... (Holly cow it's been a week since I last posted, don't fire me!)

Elsie is doing much better.  She's still not able to get up on her back legs, but she's sitting up and letting her front legs spin her around in frenzied circles.

My dad has started power washing down the south barn.  It might be painted by the end of the weekend.  But then again we also have hay mowed.  Hay on the ground takes precedence over an unpainted barn.

Wedding plans are starting to take shape.  In a week in a half from now bridesmaid dresses will be picked out and ordered and the ever elusive color of navy will finally be pinpointed.  Also, Arren and I have our engagement picture session coming up in 3 weeks.  So I've undertaken the relentless routines of exercising / tanning / picking clothing / getting props in order / whitening teeth / you name it I've probably done it.

I finally got to work with Mia and Aunt Maria again.  Mia is a sweetie and by far the tamest of the two.  Unfortunately, Aunt Maria will more than likely be the only one with enough show quality to take a trip to the Beef Expo.  But it never hurts to have a calm friend when your working with the daughter of a cow nicknamed Crazy 8.

With that I leave you a very busy and humbled blogger.  In the words of Journey, Don't Stop Be-loggin'.  And also don't lie you totally just sang little ditty that in your head.

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