Thursday, August 9, 2012


And another small excerpt from "The Show Calves Nat Loved" series.

We raised Buddy the Bull.  He was bottle fed and cared for by me and quickly became my favorite calf.

I begged my dad to let me keep Buddy as a bull and then show him the next year.  My dad was not fond of me showing a bull, but he was already so tame, so what could it hurt.

Buddy grew to be the tallest, lankiest, most horrible looking bull.  But I loved him and he would let me sit on his back and lay next to him in the stall.

My wish came true the next summer and I got to show him at our county 4-H show.  Being the only bull there he won Grand Champion and I beamed. 

Then after a couple of months passed, we had a bull that was taking up valuable pasture space and we didn't want the monstrosity he was breeding our cows.  My dad (thinking that if he sent Buddy off to the sale barn I would forever be traumatized) convinced my Uncle to get ride of his current bull and take Buddy. 

My Uncle kept Buddy for 2 years.  His calves were complete and utter knotheads.  Just like him they were big and lanky and ugly.  After 2 years of horrible calves and me growing older we sold Buddy, no doubt for McDonald's hamburger.

But I still have fond memories of the first bull I ever showed, no matter how horrible he or his calves were!

I'm heading to the state fair which always meant a fun filled week and also sadly the end of the summer fair season.  So this will be my last post in "The Show Calves Nat Loved".  It will also be my last post for the week as I am headed to the state fair tomorrow.  Have a great weekend all!

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