Friday, August 3, 2012

Flashing and Flying

Hello good lookin'!

Of course I'm talking to you, new front door!

Yes, my dad has been flashing and flying through porch update after porch update.  I'm gone for 2 nights and come home to find a new front door.

Before the door was installed my dad framed it in.  Then with my uncle's help and metal bender they put flashing around the door frame and installed a new threshold.

He also had to put a side board on the left of the porch and 2 corner boards on the right side.  And some more flashing action took place.

Here's the inside of the porch so you can get an idea of what it's shaping up to be.  Sorry these are so dark but a closed in porch is... well dark.

Elsie is in distress.  She hates this.

The siding has been ordered!  It's not your tipical plain ole straight across siding.  My uncle recomened we get this kind of siding because for one we won't have to drive ourselves crazy matching the old siding with the new, and also it will set off the porch from the rest of the house.

So this weekend we'll be having a siding party at the Nacke residence, feel free to come by and lend a hand!

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