Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Clara: Part 1

One day, several years ago, my dad was driving down a country road and up ahead spotted 3 little black dots.  As he neared the mysterious dots he slowed down and realized that 3 tiny puppies were running down the middle of the road.

So he stopped, hollered, and watched in amusement as all 3 turned on the spot and and started running towards him.  Of course this meant that the pups were soon settled in my dad's truck and headed towards Nacke Farms.  That night, when my dad called me on the phone and told me his findings, I begged him to keep the 3 little amigos until the weekend, when I could make it home (I was attending college) and see the undoubtedly adorable pups.

To my dismay, before I could make it home, 2 of the male puppies left for new homes.  So I hightailed it to Green Acres on Saturday to see the lone female left.

She was, without a doubt, the cutest puppy I have ever seen and incredibly tiny.  She was friendly, good-natured, and would follow your feet around.  Of course I begged my mom and dad to keep her.  At the time we only had Bandit, and he needed a friend.  

Bandit wasn't to thrilled at first.  I'm pretty sure he had never seen anything so little.  It is actually pretty funny to watch a big Saint Bernard run away and hide from a 5 pound pup!  Here is the big chicken hiding by me wearily watching our new little pup bounce around.

I also have to share this picture because after all these years, it's still a toss up to which one is cuter! :)

To my delight, I persuaded my parents and Clara stayed with us and soon became my favorite dog we have ever owned.

Stayed tuned for "Clara: Part 2, the crazy years"

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