Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Here is another post from the "Show Calves That Nat Loved" series!

We bought Suzie and two other heifers (Molly and Annie) from a sale about 13 years ago.  Little did we know this little red and white calf would grow to be the biggest pain the butt Nacke Farms has ever seen.

Suzie was tame as tame could be.  She wouldn't move no matter how much you pulled, pushed, and cussed at her.  But most dangerously of all, she was very smart.

There wasn't a gate that could keep Suzie pinned in or out.  She would use her nose to move lock bars and her tongue to undo latches.  Once she found out where the grain was we had to wire every gate leading into that area.  The second you turned your back to an unwired gate, was the second she was through it.

Another clever trick she employed at our huge concrete water tank with a hydrant.  Whenever the water was running and she and another calf were standing by it, she would put her nose up to the faucet so that the water would shoot off and squirt the other calf right in the face...  I couldn't make this stuff up!  I suppose she thought it was amusing or maybe she just didn't like company when she drank, but it was quite a site.

We sold Suzie a few years back.  She was getting to be an older cow and we had new replacement heifers to join the herd.  Even though she's gone, you can bet I'll always remember Suzie and her tricks!

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