Monday, July 30, 2012

Window Shmindow

In the last post, the porch was starting to look awesome, but was also looking very windowless.

Well I'm pleased to say, we now have windows!

We also, to Elsie's chewing/destroying dismay, picked up that mess of old boards and nails that had quietly been sitting to the left of the porch.

Putting in windows was surprisingly very easy.  Each one took about 10 minutes.

My dad got 'em from good ole Home Depot.  I'm pretty sure he's made about a bagillion trips there in the past month.  First thing first, we'd unwrap each window and then play "pick up all the plastic wrap and cardboard before Elsie gets a hold of it". 

My dad put a line of caulk all the way around the window frame.  Each one took about a tube a piece.  This will hopefully ensure no leakage.  When the wind was out of the right direction, our old porch was a notorious rain leaker.  And if you were the lucky person (usually me) to leave your boots within a foot of the windows, you ended up with some soggy socks.

With a little heavin' and hoin' the window was put in its place.  My dad did an excellent job framing.  Every window was very close to level and required very little shifting around.  Once everything checked out as level (or level enough for Nacke standards) my dad put, what seemed like, 100 nails around it.

The finished product...

Like I said each one took about 10 minutes to install so we had all 3 done in less than a half an hour.  Pretty fast work for a month long porch project.

My dad is currently working on framing in the door which requires some flashing... err wait, that doesn't sound right, let me rephrase that... requires that metal flashing be bent and put around the trim.

I can already see the worry in Elsie's beady little eyes as little by little her pooch palace is closing her out.  Two mornings in a row she has drug my dad's electric saw out to the yard and managed to mangle the cord.  She's a maniac, who apparently has a thing for power tools...

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