Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Last weekend we weaned 3 calves.

This means a lot of loud mooing at Nacke Farm's.  Momma's moo, baby's moo, everybody moo moo...

We usually wean calves between the ages of 5-6 months.  By this age, most calves are eating grain and hay in our creep feeder and transition pretty easily into life away from Momma.  The calves will spend a week penned up in our barn, slowly getting acquainted to their new diet of all you can eat grain. 

This year, all of the older calves are at the pasture on the other side of town, so we found ourselves waiting on a semi cool chance to bring them home.  With a high of 89, we finally got that chance.

First there is this big ole boy!  We bought him and his Momma from a fellow cattleman in February.   He was born all the way back in December, so he's clocking in at a way too old 8 months.  I'm betting his Momma wasn't too sad to see him go.

Then we have our own pretty heifers.  The bigger one (top picture, front) is Crazy number 8's January baby.  And yes, her Momma is just as crazy as her name suggests.

And then we have sweet Momma number 1's heifer calf.  She was born in February and, while being a bit smaller, is stocky as all get out.  Pay no attention to the hereford creeping in the background.

Hopefully, in another 2 weeks, we will be bring home the 4 other calves and then my parents will have a chorus of loud moos greeting them every time they step out the back door!

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