Monday, July 9, 2012

Grab Your Cane Pole, I'll Grab the Worms, We're Going Fishin!

This may be a little late in coming, but I'd like to pay homage to the late Andy Griffith who passed away last week.  Most folks would think I'm too young to remember Mayberry or Aunt Bea.  But when I was younger my dad made sure that I got my share of TV Land and the shows that he loved growing up.

I was never the biggest fan of Andy Griffith.  The show seemed too slow paced, too hokey, and too goody-goody for my taste as a kid.  It didn't have the laughs of All in the Family or The Honeymooners.  And it just seemed too annoyingly prefect in an imperfect world.

But as I grow older, I find myself wishing we could return to those slower and somewhat hokier days.  When your dads and moms were sirs and mams and there was always some little bit of gossip traveling around the town.  Where your neighbors knew who you were and would see to it that you never had any troubles.  And where problems didn't seem quite so big or negativity so strong.

So for those reasons, I thank Andy Griffith for giving us a taste of the Mayberry life.  A glimpse into an ever vanishing world being consumed by technology and fast paced growth where America is trying desperately to hold onto it's legacy of greatness.

So take some time out of your busy schedule today, kick back on the front porch, pop open a cold bottle of coke and watch the world go by as you reminisce about the good ole Mayberry days.

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