Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bessy Will Have Another

I recently read an article detailing how farmers in France are giving their cattle wine.  Apparently this produces a superior quality to the "luxury" beef which, has a special texture and the ability to caramelize while cooking.

These cows have been wino's for so long, they've started to build up a tolerance to the alcohol, and now drink up to 2 bottles a day.  I know what you're probably thinking, how can the farmer's support such a lush habit.  No fears, these alchy cows can bring around $55 a pound for a taste of what they've got going on.  That's some serious "moolah".

We aren't really wine drinkers here at Nacke Farms, but my dad has been known to go through the Pabst Blue Ribbon on a daily basis....

So I'm thinking Green Acre's has found our niche.

The first ever cattle raised on PBR!

You know that's got to be some great tasting beef. :)

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