Friday, July 20, 2012


County fair time is upon us!  So once a week, for the next few weeks, I'm gong to do a recap of a few of my favorite calves from my past years of showing. 

Of course I have to start with the best... Thomas... Oh Thomas!

Anytime anyone brings up the name Thomas at Nacke Farms we get a little misty eyed. 

Thomas was a red and white shorthorn steer I showed during my Freshman year of college.  He was short and round and most of all fluffy.  And he was with out a doubt the best steer I have ever shown both winning and personality wise.

At the time, I was traveling around showing with a great group of people and we all loved Thomas.  He was our pet.  You never had to yank him around, he'd follow you like a loyal dog.  We even got in the habit of letting him explore the show ring the night before a show.  We'd shut the gates to the ring, turn him loose, and let him have his fun in the sawdust.  At one particular large show at the Illinois State Fair grounds, instead of turning him loose in the ring, we let him wander around the barn.  This may or may not have occurred after a few drinks. :)

Thomas was the epitome of a cool calf!  Of course it helped how well he was doing at shows too.

We have never spent tons of money to buy the best cattle.  And because we do not AI there is no way to get those top notch genetics that so many other breeders have available to them.  In the show ring, I'd usually place somewhere between middle to last place.  But we didn't do it for the ribbons, we did it for the good times.  Thomas was the exception to placing last.  He won quite a few classes, reserve champions, and even allowed me, for the first time, to place 1st in a class at the Illinois State Fair.

But ask anyone, he was more than a class winner, he was Thomas! 

Very regrettably after his show carrier was over my dad took him where all good show steers must go, to the local sale barn.  To this day my dad and I still wish we would have kept him, let him grow old and fat, and continue to be our loving pet.

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