Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tomato Neglect

Our garden has been lacking in the upkeep department lately.  We have just been too busy to give it any attention.

If you'll remember 2 months ago it looked all pretty.

Now it's some hot mess.  Please don't call DTGS (Department of Tomato and Garden Servies) on us!  We promise to take better care of them... I swear.

Our biggest problem is they didn't get tied to those lovely stakes.  It just kind of slipped our busy minds.

But no worries, there are still plenty of matters.  You just have to bend down a little farther to pick them.

We harvested our first ones this week!  Back before the garden became neglected we tried to water them every once in a while, but since about a month ago, we've let aqua-duties slack as well.  Despite the dry desert conditions, they all seem to have plenty of good sized, green tomatoes just waiting to mature.  They aren't as big as usual, but who wants tomatoes the size of your head anyway?

As I've said, no one in our family, besides my mom, really likes tomatoes.  So if you're feeling like some matter action in the near future, stop by Nacke Farm's.  We will have plenty!

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