Friday, July 13, 2012

The End

Robin calved!  It was a bit of a surprise because she was about 3 weeks early.  She had the calf without problem, in fact we didn't even know she had calved until my dad happened to see the baby while filling water tanks. 

It's a sweet little roan bull.

This seems to be the summer of roan.

Here he is with his Momma, Robin.

And here is Robin enjoying a well deserved Momma snack!

While I was on the calf kick, I decided to take some other pics of the babies.

This is Cali, Moonie's baby.  She's a little over 2 weeks old and still as cute as ever.

And here's Big Roan.  At a month and half old he's getting... well bigger! 

All the rest of the calves were hiding out in the barn doing things that little calves do... probably scheming on their next big adventure... so that's all the baby pics I got.

Robin's little guy marks the last calf for this year and brings the grand total to 15.  We've never had so many calves before but then again, we've never had so many cows.  We are to the point of getting so many little red fuzz balls running around, it's often hard to tell which calf belongs to which cow as they get older.  So next year I've decided we are going to have to start ear tagging our calves. 

Soon, if we ever get a break from the heat, we will hopefully be bringing some of the older calves home to wean from their mothers.

The End!

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