Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Porch Update

The porch project is coming along... slowly but surely.

Actually, quite a bit has happened since my last post.  Just all over a 2 week period.

So I'm coming atcha with a mass update!

The studs around the soon to be door flew up.

This allowed for the rest of the wall to be demolished and the floor to be finished.

Since the old floor went completely under the inside wall, we had to improvise by cutting as close to the wall as possible and then butting the new boards against the old.

My dad took the opportunity to install new wiring for an outlet that will go along the side wall.

He cut the end of the boards even and then primed the portion where the new wall would go.

Then, I don't stop by my parent's house for 2 days and my dad gets all motivated.  Next thing you know he's proudly posing in front of his accomplishments, PBR in hand.

Here's the same dealio minus the daddio.  The windows are going to be a little different than the older one on the already built end.  But, I think the new windows being longer will look better and give the porch a lot more light.

Carrying on with that motivational kick, I arrive home a day later to this!  That's a whole lot of stud action!  Things are beginning to shape up now.

If you look closely, you can almost see my shirtless dad in the pic below.  I strategically positioned him behind the studs.  Sorry for any hoping to get a glimpse of an old man beer belly.  But trust me when I say, I don't think you or Green Acre's blog is ready for that.

The the plywood is going up now.  This will excitedly be followed by some wrap, new windows and a very doggy proof door.

Then I suppose it will be onto siding and painting... but one step at a time!

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