Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Haulin' Hay

Due to the lack of rain this summer (over half of the US is facing drought conditions including Green Acre's and surrounding areas) just about everywhere you look the grass is burnt up and reduced to a yellow dead mess that makes a crunchy noise under your feet.

For this reason we have been feeding hay for the past several weeks.

This is something crazy for us to do so early in the summer.  Usually no hay is needed until late August and sometimes not even until fall comes. 

But we've got to keep our cows in good condition, so they happily eat up our hay supply.

See that somewhat muddy looking place down there... yeah usually there is a creek running.

By the way, my dad would like all you awesome blog readers to know that all heifers are for sale here at Nacke Farm's.  He'd take a cool $2,000 for any of our awesome girlies. 

Now that he's in on the whole blog experience I think he's looking on a way to capitalize from it! :)

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