Monday, August 6, 2012

Saddam the Pigeon

This may be one of my all time favorite stories from Green Acres.

It was the summer of 2002 and things were great at Nacke Farm's.  That was until the formidable day Saddam showed up.

We first noticed pigeons hanging around early that summer.  A few wasn't a big deal so my dad ignored them hoping they would move on to bigger and better barns.

It was a couple of weeks later when a large male pigeon made his presence known.  It wasn't long after that and his harem started to grow.  Before we knew it, we had a pigeon uprising on our hands.

The male pigeon became known as Saddam and his arrival was sure to bring a certain demise to my dad.

Now most would think that pigeons are harmless.  But they are nasty birds that leave layers of bird feces where ever they nest. They had picked one of our barns to nest in and proceeded to make a mess of our hayloft.

This was no time to second guess, this was war.

My dad eliminated quite a few of the birds with his .22 riffle.  But Saddam evaded every shot.  Somehow he could sense every time my dad would go for his gun and would hightail it out of dodge until the coast was clear.  This went on for another month until there was only Saddam and a few of his female friends left.

It was a hot humid day.  There was a restlessness in the stale air.  My dad was out for pigeon blood. 

Saddam was shot, he was down, and he wasn't going to get away this time.  My dad had succeeded in killing the pigeon that had taunted him for so long!  Victory for Nacke Farms at last.

While the events above were unfolding, my dad of  had been telling all of his coffee shop buddies about the drama.  That night after Saddam had been shot he had me type up a news bulletin explaining that Nacke Farm's was now rid of the pigeon terror!

I wish I still had that document saved somewhere.  It was written on my parents old computer and was lost when they got a new one.  But you can bet my dad beamed that next morning he strutted into the coffee shop telling everyone how the reign of Saddam the pigeon had come to a decided end.

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